Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips:

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Where To Start

Enjoy the day with your friends and family! Here are three quick reminders about how to keep your Thanksgiving Day safe: 1) Don’t drink and drive While it may seem obvious, it is very important to remember to never drink and drive. Safe driving requires clear vision, quick reflexes, and clear judgment. When you’re impaired even after just a few drinks, your vision can become blurry, your reflexes become slow, and your judgment degrades. All of these factors significantly increase your chances of being involved in an auto accident. If you feel even slightly impaired, consider appointing a designated driver, using a ride share service, or staying overnight if you’re at a friend’s or relative’s house. 2) Fire is always something to worry about During the Thanksgiving festivities while the stove is on and candles are lit make sure to keep flammable items such as linens and table mats away from open flames. Double check your smoke alarm and make sure it has batteries. 3) Do not drive Drowsy We all know Turkey makes you tired, but few people know how dangerous driving drowsy truly is. Driving drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Your reflexes, judgement, and vision significantly decreases when you are tired. If you feel tired consider staying at a friend’s or relative’s house. If you feel tired while driving pull over and take a rest. Our office is open today. If you have questions about a personal injury law matter, feel free to call!

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